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Hair Masks. All The Secrets For A Perfect And Well-Groomed Hair!

Hair Masks. All The Secrets For A Perfect And Well-Groomed Hair!

The secret dream of every woman is to find a soul mate, but have at all times perfect hair. Fortunately, there are hair masks ! Eheheh!

It may seem a trivial solution, we all use them for years. But are we sure we do it the right way? In fact, we often complain about products that have weighed down our hair, leaving it sticky and impossible to style. The fault is probably not the mask, but the use we have made of it!

Frequency and shutter speed, not to mention the ingredients, are fundamental to obtain optimal results!

Girls, are you curious to find out all that (maybe) you still don’t know about hair masks? Keep reading the post!


Taking care of your hair is a very serious matter, so you need to get the right allies! In the world of hair care, however, there are really many products and it is very difficult to choose what our hair really needs.

That is why, first of all, it is necessary to clarify how and when to use respectively conditioner, hair masks and an absolute novelty the power does!

Girls, are you really sure you know the difference between conditioner and conditioner? They are often considered synonyms, but in reality they are two products with very different functions! The conditioners, in fact, are characterized by a fluid texture and rather short shutter speeds. Their function is essentially to untangle the hair and make it brighter.

The balm, on the other hand, in addition to softening the hair, also has rebuilding and protective properties because it acts on the scales of the hair fiber, coating them with a thin film that protects the hair from external agents. The consistency is very light and after application it must be rinsed with care.

Hair masks are, finally, the product which acts more in depth. To optimize the effects, try wrapping the hair in a warm towel or in the film to facilitate product penetration. The hair masks can be recognized starting from the rich and creamy texture as well as from their intense moisturizing, nourishing, restructuring and polishing action.

However, the latest hair care theme is the power does, or nutrition concentrates with a liquid or gel texture, which allows deep penetration into the fiber. They are extremely concentrated treatments that can be mixed with a mask or a conditioner for an even more effective treatment.


The hair masks should be used consistently throughout the year, but i n the spring and summer is even more important not to forget this step of your beauty routine! The frequency of use depends very much on the needs of your hair: it goes from an application after every shampoo — for the hair most in need — to once a week for hair without particular problems.

One of the greatest mysteries related to the use of hair masks concerns the shutter speed : the product must have time to act in depth, therefore it is necessary to leave the mask in place for at least five minutes.

But how do you apply a hair mask correctly? First you need to rinse the shampoo well and dab the hair from excess water. At this point, the mask must be spread evenly over the crown, from the tips to the roots.


After the set time, the mask must be emulsified with water and thoroughly rinsed.

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