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Fat Mask For DIY Remedies And The Best On The Market!

Fat Mask For DIY Remedies And The Best On The Market!

It will seem strange, but the greasy hair mask is a treatment to be done regularly even if you suffer from this skin problem. In fact, like all hair, even greasy hair needs hydration and nourishment but, at the same time, it must not be weighed down. Many treatments in fact, if not chosen correctly, tend to flatten the hair and make it dirty even earlier; here, often those who have them tend not to use balms or masks for fear of making the situation worse.

In this post I will reveal instead the do-it-yourself remedies to create your personalized greasy hair mask or, if you don’t feel like it or time to experiment with various ingredients, even the best ones on the market ! If you suffer from this problem but want a healthy and shining hair (and not for too much sebum!) Keep reading and don’t miss this post!

What do fat hair depend on? We understand the reason it will be easier to act.

Greasy hair can have different causes and understanding the reason can be useful for finding the solution or improving this problem. It could in fact only be a particular period, change of season, use of wrong products or food. If you find yourself recently with greasy hair, the cause could be stress or a period of anxiety. So try to ease the tension and give yourself some time for yourself and surely your whole body, including hair, will benefit from it!


Remember also to sleep the right amount of hours, because rest is important and too much tiredness can produce more sebum than necessary.

Nutrition is another factor that plays bad tricks on the hair: maybe we don’t think about it, but what we eat affects our whole body and, why not, also on the hair. Try to avoid foods that are too fat, especially in the summer and with the heat, and concentrate on vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals.

A great help also comes from food supplements, to be taken at every change of season, which in addition to strengthening the hair and helping them in growth, help them to regulate sebum production. Choose those with zinc, vitamin B6 and tonic, Beta-glucan, Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamin E.

Attention also to shampoo! Washing your hair too often, in fact, has the opposite effect from the desired one or the hair will get dirty sooner. More rubbed and degreased the skin, in fact, the more hair will produce a greater amount of sebum, as a defense, because in reality its proper production has a barrier effect, it is waterproofing and makes the hair softer.


Even the colors and chemical treatments can contribute to unbalance the hair, especially making the skin more oily, because it is attacked, and the tips very dry. Here, then, that to use greasy hair products the tips will not receive enough nourishment and, conversely, too full-bodied products are not suitable for the skin.

The solution, however, is easy and, even if it takes away a few more minutes, just apply a greasy hair mask only on the roots and use a moisturizer on the tips, finally applying a good oil or nourishing product.


I for oily hair products exist for every price range and it is not hard to find one that suits you. Even at the supermarket, for example, you can find many valid products to use, as well as online. The Garner Fruits Clean and Bright conditioner, for example, to be applied like a mask, moisturizes and conditions, but without weighing it down thanks to the light formula based on lemon.

Another valid product, with good Inch and suitable not only for oily hair, but moisturizing and light is the Omia laboratory aloe mask. In fact, this ingredient is already very moisturizing in itself but being a gel it is perfect for oily hair because it does not weigh them down.

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