"It all began nineteen years ago when my mother and I kept the Admiral Benbow Inn.  I was fourteen at the time but I remember it as if it was yesterday."

A thrilling version of the greatest pirate story of them all, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.  Inspired by the storytelling spirit of the original tale, the cast of two in this critically acclaimed adaptation are shipwrecked musicians, clinging to a raft and to the story to keep body and soul together, in the hope of rescue.  Using only the flotsam of their lost ship, they act out all the parts of this adventure on the high seas.

‘It is a certainty that Stevenson would have loved this version.’ The Herald

Treasure Island was first produced in 2001 and has been in Wee Stories’ repertoire ever since.  It was most recently seen in 2010 on a UK tour.

Written, directed and performed by  Andy Cannon and Iain Johnstone 
Designer Shona Reppe
Lighting Designer Lizzie Powell
Video Designer Tim Reid



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