Two babies, born at the same moment, under the same moon. One born a princess in a palace, the other the son of a poor woodcutter. A prophecy foretells they will marry, but the arrogant King will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter marrying a commoner.

An enchanting tale of love against the odds and an unattainable quest with many surprises along the way!

Staged on a transverse set in which the audience become part of the performance, with evocative live music from harpist Jennifer Port, The Sun, the Moon and a boy called River is a magical night out for the whole family.

Wee Stories have found their heartland in this artlessly accomplished mix of crafted narrative, imaginatively-detailed staging and uncondescending, versatile performances.  Fated to be a hit with young audiences and families wherever it now tours.  The Herald

The Sun, the Moon and a boy called River was first produced in 2009.  It was shown at the 2010 Imaginate Festival and toured across the South of Scotland in 2012.  

Originally created, directed and performed by Andy Cannon and Iain Johnstone

Music Iain Johnstone
Performers (2012)

Iain Johnstone and Tommy Mullins

Design Claire Halleran
Music performed by Jennifer Port
Lighting Design Gerron Stewart
Publicity image by  Kim McGillivray


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