After the Selfish Giant builds an enormous wall around his garden to keep out the animals, Snow, Hail, Frost, and the North Wind take up permanent residence.   When spring eventually returns to Scotland on the other side of the wall, in the giant’s garden it remains winter all year round…

"Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a land… not very far away, there was a great majestic castle standing all by itself in the middle of a beautiful garden, not that you’d know it was a beautiful garden, for our story begins in deepest winter."

The Selfish Giant is a ‘smartly secularised’ (Sunday Herald) re-telling of Oscar Wilde’s poignant story, using storytelling, dance, music and inventive stagecraft alongside comedy and plenty of audience involvement.

The Selfish Giant was first produced in 2009 as a schools’ touring show, Spring and the Selfish Giant.  It was the Christmas show at Platform in Glasgow in 2010 and was most recently the first Christmas show at the new Studio at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, in 2013.

Adapted by  Andy Cannon and Iain Johnstone from Oscar Wilde’s story 
Director   Iain Johnstone
Choreographer Jane Howie
Design realised by Ali Maclaurin
Original Backdrop Cloth   Becky Minto
Lighting Design  Colin Grenfell
Music  Iain Johnstone
Costume  Carys Hobbs
Producer  Verity Leigh

Courtnay Collins
Tara Hodgson
Iain Johnstone

Production Manager Mickey Graham
Stage Manager  Sooz Glen
Technical Manager Andy Gannon
Publicity Image by Ailsa Black



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