The Man who followed his Legs (and kept on walking) is a celebration of human resilience, following the story of two Young Scottish coalminers’ experience of World War 1. The death, loss and mayhem of the trenches forces Johnny to follow his legs (and keep on walking) to rediscover a reason for living.

Funny, entertaining and moving, Wee Stories bring their distinctive brand of storytelling to this rich production, based on the involvement of the Hearts football Battalion in the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

The Man who followed his Legs (and kept on walking) recognises the human cost of this and other global conflicts whilst celebrating human resilience and the possibility of recovery from even the most terrible experiences.

Video images, puppetry, music and performance vividly bring alive the enormity of this first global conflict for a new generation of young people. 

 Audience member at Dalry Village Hall, 28 October 2016:

"I can not emphasise enough, how much we admired this polished performance, artfully scripted, and well portrayed play, that used humour and pathos in such an emotive way... I am an ex Royal Marine Commando who has seen conflict , and my wife 
( an archaeologist )and I have a special interest in WW1, and recently toured the battlefield sites in Belgium. This play equalled the emotion I felt at Delville Wood and High Wood , and for that, I give you great credit. Writing superb, acting sublime. 
I shook hands with the cast afterwards, and informed them that they should be proud of their performance..."

Written and directed by Iain Johnstone

Performers Scott Hoatson, Iain Johnstone, Belle Jones & Patrick Wallace

Claire Halleran

Music & sound design David Trouton
Video design Tim Reid
Lighting design Simon Hayes
Artwork & print design Iain Craig


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