The vain and tyrannical Laird of Kiltie has one true love, his clothes, or more precisely, his kilts. In the lead up to the most important day in the Kiltie calendar, his birthday, the Laird wants one thing, a new kilt ‘the likes of which has never been seen’.  Enter Mr. Harris and Mr. Tweed, two dodgy weavers who give this gullible customer exactly what he asks for.

Hans Christian Andersen’s famous children’s fable has been wittily re-imagined as a family musical comedy, told in Wee Stories' trademark story telling style, interwoven with Scottish music hall, pantomime and ceilidh.

Co-produced with the National Theatre of Scotland in 2008, The Emperor’s New Kilt won the CATS (Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland) Award for best show for children and young people in the same year.

Based on  The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen
Written and directed by  Andy Cannon and Iain Johnstone
Musical Director David Trouton
Set & Costume Designer Becky Minto
Sound Designer  Mark Cunningham
Lighting Designer   Mike Brown
Production Manager  Andrew Coulton


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