"Once upon a time … that’s the way most good stories begin and this story starts that way too, which is just as well as it is a story all about time."

Hickory and Dickory Dock tells the story of what happens in a remote village when all the clocks go haywire.  With original music and puppetry, it is a tale of ingenuity, invention and surprises.

"I loved the show.  It was brilliantly amazing!"  From Albie, 8½

"I really enjoyed it and it was a lovely antidote to my week. I really appreciate all the work that goes into developing something so engaging, age appropriate and of such quality." Joan Parr, Portfolio Manager, Education, Learning and Young people, Creative Scotland

Hickory and Dickory Dock was first performed at Artspace in Craigmillar, Edinburgh in April 2013 and has since toured around Scotland and to the North West of England as part of the Big Imaginations Festival, as well as playing for a week at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.  It often tours as a double bill with One Giant Leap

Writer  Iain Johnstone 
Director Iain Johnstone
Music David Trouton
Designer Claire Halleran
Performers   Iain Johnstone and Gillian Kerr
Technical Manager Andy Gannon
Stage Manager  Sooz Glen
Education Pack Cerin Richardson
Image by Teresa Flavin





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