Travel back in time to the Dark Ages (called that not because it was dark, but because it’s a time we don’t know much about) and join three (allegedly) grown men armed only with several boxes of cornflakes as they set out on a quest to discover the real Arthur, the man behind the mask.

“It's one of those rare shows that enhances the life of everyone who sees it, with its humanity and ingenuity, its beauty, joy and sorrow” The Scotsman

First produced in 2003, Arthur has remained in Wee Stories’ repertoire ever since.  It won the TMA (Theatrical Management Association) and CATS (Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland) Awards for Best Show for Children and Young People.  It was re-worked for mid-scale touring in 2005 in conjunction with the Scottish Touring Consortium and was most recently seen in 2011 on a Scottish tour. 

Written by  Andy Cannon, Iain Johnstone and David Trouton 
Directed by Iain Johnstone with Andy Cannon
Music David Trouton
Lighting Design Gerron Stewart
Video Design  Tim Reid
Performers  Andy Cannon, Lorna Gold, Iain Johnstone, David Trouton
Studio Musicians Jennifer Port (Clarsach and Oboe), Wendy Weatherby (Cello), Jon Beales (Violin)

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